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"To say this book is about Jos's home would be like saying eating is about chewing," writes Donal Paul in The Big Issue. "She approached this book rather as a chef would a meal - everything depends on the ingredients. Take a barrel of hunters, an exclamation of food writers, a soupçon of chefs, a bottle of winemakers & mix thoroughly with 100-year-old recipes (slightly smoked, if possible) and then serve with a dollop of photographers and a saucy designer. The result is a beautiful book."
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This is the story of a lifelong love affair – with a 300 year-old cottage, reputedly the home of folk hero, Wolraad Woltemade. Told with wit and warmth, it presents a colourful pastiche of personal challenges, research and discoveries, within the framework of changing lifestyles and food fashions at the Cape of Good Hope.

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Jos Baker is former fashion editor who switched careers to specialise in food and wine. A member of the Southern African selection panel for the S Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants, she was editor of Wine magazine’s guide to the top 100 restaurants in South Africa and is currently an associate editor of Platter’s South African Wines ...

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